Monday, April 1, 2013

Secure Family Base and Attachment

In "Creating a Secure Family Base: Some Implications of Attachment Theory for Family Therapy" the research is to help improve family therapist techniques. Understanding a secure family base, the idea is to create a network of care for all family members regardless of age and to help families build a mental sense of security. By having a secure family base it allows for families to explore new solutions to family problems. Therapist learn more about family behaviors through learning the family history. It is believed that through family history it can directly affect a persons present actions, and the history gives a therapist better understanding of the causes of the present actions.

Ainsworth, teaches us more about a secure base and secure attachment by observing Ugandan children. Through her observations, Ainsworth observerd once a secure base is formed the child feels protected. This sense of security insures the child protection when needed, therefore the child can leave/wander and later return to their parent.

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