Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apple, the "IT" thing!!

if included a link to wired magazine on how apple has become a famous brand for not doing typically correect marketing methods. But what i found interesting is that apple always updates there computers to faster speeds but hardly brings new tings to the table but when they do its groundbreaking! but why do we buy anything else from them thats not groundbreaking?


JAKE said...

First of all, you type like a mad person.

Secondly, it's the same way with every major company, basically. Apple, SONY, HP, Nintendo, etc. When companies are popular and their products are constantly either highly rated or raved about worldwide, people put some form of trust into them that either a majority or all of their products are exciting and top-quality. This is obviously not always the case. Let's go ahead and say SONY has the best rated DVD players. People may go and buy it, and buy their HDTV as well, thinking "oh, its a SONY. It MUST be good." But they don't know that for a fact. Maybe Toshiba has a better HD model. Or Panasonic. But the point is, people associate certain companies with certain qualities. And it also depends a lot on the media and advertising as well.

linnea said...

I agree jake, he does type like a mad person, but that shows how into the subject he is, and Apple is getting huge and in my opinion a little over rated?

Amber said...

It kindof bothersome in a way that everyone today is conforming to this norm and expectation of society.