Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Design?

i was reading thnis article on good design on tis other blog. and they talked about how good design doesn't do anything towards advancement, that it is successfl just for being there and having an existence here are some examples tell me what you think, do you have anything that makes you happy? for its a simple parker pen, its nice little shape makes it something that i have to have in my pockets at all times.

The site of the swiss passport is simply pleasing, Why? is it like superstitions are fixed for no logical reason?


Sam said...


linnea said...

Yes this post is confusing. The advertisment is very simplistic yet apealing to the eye, i'm sure you can be more complex and still be inticing for consumers

certified"BITCHES"2008 (its our year) said...

they are jsut using simple elements to get the consumer on the rise to but the product. If someone is constantly tihnking about a proudct sooner or later they will buy the product.