Sunday, April 27, 2008


Autism is a really odd disorder that usually is noticed before a child is three years old. This brain development disorder mainly impairs social interaction and communication skills, but is commonly found along with other things such as mental retardation, epilepsy, etc.

Not many people know where it comes from, some people believe it to be genetic, but whether is comes form multigene interactionor by rare mutations is unknown. Others believe things can cause autism, like certain vaccinations. This is a spectrum disorder, that can appear mildly, in functioning people, or very severe with dependent people who need a lot of attention.

Some cannot speak, some refuse to speak, some speak when they are prompted, and some have average communication skills, this is an extremely sensitive and personal disorder, and if needs assistance and is diagnosed completely depends on the person and thier diagnose.

What is known is autism (right now) has no cure. Although the search continues, there is no way to completely cure this disorder. You can buffer symptoms of autism, or other disorder, issues, or problems they might have with other medication. My brother is autistic, and he is on zonegram for his epilepsy, and prozac for his OCD. Even though a person can be diagnosed with autism, they can grow up and learn to become completely successful. Some cases are even geniuses and prodigies in a certain area, and many have hobbies, their little niche, or specific things they like doing.

Autism has really boomed since the '80s and there is a whole new autistic culture around us today that helps us to understand these people in our community, and help others to interact with them and help them have a place in our community as well. The search for the answer to autism continues, as for right now, I don't see one in sight, but I believe in trying to incorporate these people into our society with importnace and respect, with of course a little help, patience, and sensitivity.

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