Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What is Religon? Iget asked this by many vistors at my door, and started to ponder this when i was sitting there looking at the ceiling. I persoanlly think religon is a mental construct that allows us as adults to function and cope with our problems. We want to be children and be under something higher like our parents, so we have an excuse to have things be out of our control. I think this is lame, we should all just tr to deal with reality with what it is. If something helps you cope ok, but don't let this dictate your lifestyle.

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linnea said...

i completely agree with this...Religon is a use of helping us cope, a big example is loseing somebody close and morning their death. A pleasant thought aout losing somebody is that theyve gone to a "better place". I think a bad use of religon is forgiveness, although it's good to forgive, some things just cant be solved by giveing a "confesion" I also agree that it really shouldnt take over ones life, but i'm very open to other peoples beliefs and resept it.