Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to deal with know-it-all personalities

This article tells us the truth of Know-it-all personalities and the root of this behaviors. They seem to be in everywhere and sometimes make us feel tired and annoyed. Know-it-all always try to answer and give their opinions on everything whether they actually know something or not. They do not have enough understandings and knowledge, just little. 
Following the article, the education system could be a reason of Know-It-All and it could happen to anyone. The self-cognition and the sense of self-worth were lowered due to the excellent students who get top grades. People started to realize that "the accumulation of facts and information equals power" through the experiences in school. And from the fact 'top graders always have right answers', the expectation of rewards never stops, even after they finish school and work in society. It was very interesting that anyone could have a possibility of know-it-all with this reason above.  

I have a friend who has this behavior and more over his personality is very straightforward. Most of time, he was always being know-it-all and pretended to be smart. We listened to him but as time goes by, we tended to ignore him, in unnoticeable steps. It seems to he doesn't need any help or suggestions from others since he pretends he knows everything. The ways of 'how to deal with a Know-It-All' was good to know and very helpful. I want to try it later. :)


Cindy Dy said...

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sarah lee said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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Anonymous said...

if you're trying to make friends, it seems the interest should be placed on other things than who knows the most (that can come later) If someone comes up to me for conversation and talks about facts, I get bored. It seems so unperson-able.