Sunday, February 21, 2010

Personality relates to driving habit

The article that I found really relates to a friend I know who can be known as one of the "negative psychological drivers". My friend is normally is a safe driver but when he comes across other reckless drivers he gives off a vicious vibe that you don't really see any other time. He gets very angry when another car cuts him off and starts to chase after them to see who the driver is and then speeds off. Generally, he is a calm and shy person but when it comes to bad driving he blows off steam. Sometimes, he doesn't realize that it is his fault and uses every excuse to accuse someone or something else when something goes bad which in the article is called a "nationalizer". I never knew there was a different side to him when it comes to driving. It's not at all visible when hanging out with him, there's no sense of rage any other time. Where does this different personality come from when it comes to horrible driving skills?

I have another friend who owns a race car and loves to show off how fast his car is and how good he drives, who can be known as a "show-off". He speeds over speed limits and is fast on turns/curves, he knows it is dangerous yet he still continues to drive dangerously. His action is similar to his normal life. He has always been a show off and loves the attention he gets when doing so.

I'm also interested in how cultural environment influences personality. Well at least in my case, personality affects driving habits in different communities. I couldn't find an article that can relate to this but these are facts from my personal experience. I'm originally from Maryland and I noticed that there was a big difference in the styles of driving in the bigger cities. In smaller and less busier cities, most of the time people share the roads and offer to go in front and even wave thank you, whereas here in New York you have to fight your way through and make your way in otherwise you can never get into any roads most of the time. Here in New York, there's heavy traffic and rush hours and people seem to get really impatient and start driving insanely. Watching these people drive in the city shows how urgent and fast-paced everyone is here. In the rural area, majority of the drivers are more slow paced and calm, the two sides are very different and it shows how the cultural environment influences personality. I believe it does not differ from their normal life activities and personality.

Off the topic, but found fun article : what does color of car say about your personality?

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