Monday, February 15, 2010

Social Psychology

Upon researching social psychology, I was very surprised to see the variety
of subtopics linked to the topic. Social Psychology is the science of being
able to understanding different human states of mind. It studies the various
behaviors of people while posing questions by the studies they conduct.
Social Psychology answers the question why people do the certain things that
they do based on studies of an individual=92s personality, thoughts, and
adaptive life changes. Some of the social topics that I found interesting
are leadership, conformity, social perception, prejudice, and social
interaction. I feel as though these topics are vital to understanding social
behavior. From what I read, what makes social psychology different from
other forms of psychology is mainly focused on situations such as attitudes
and behaviors. I believe that an interaction between an individual and a
situation determines a specific outcome. It is a known fact that people
behave differently depending on the situation. Different situations that we
encounter determine a strong influence on our own behavior. The idea of
social psychology is apparent in the video Obedience that we watched last
week in class. The level of shock that the participant was willing to
deliver was used as the measure of obedience. It was shocking to see how far
some participants went in the experiment. Why did so many of the
participants in this experiment perform a seemingly cruel act on the
instruction of an authority figure? His experiment shows the dangers of
obedience in a social situation. The experiment demonstrates how obedience
is linked to one=92s own personal beliefs in a particular social setting. I
found the experiment very interesting. The experiment brings up the idea of
morals because of the emotional stress it ha upon its participants.

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