Monday, February 15, 2010

Social Pyschology in TV Show

This japanese television show how's an individual behavior is influence by a group's behavior. This prank (experiment) shows the constant as the group of 100 people running. The variables are the individuals who come across this group.Three different scenerios can be found in this video. The first one is where the group is just running in a certain direction. The second is when the group shouts out a certain event happening which gives reason to run. The third is where the individual is the specific reason of them running. The first time shows how the first scenerio affects the old man. The old man shows no reaction but making the group pass by, following by continuing his path. The second scenario is shown with the second and fourth variable where a person in the group shouts out danger in the midst and running. The variable respond but with confusion in their actions. The third scenario is shown with the third variable where a person in the group points at the individual and then runs towards him. The expression of the third variable seems less confused and more aware of what is happening thus making the prank more affective.
Based on this video, this shows how the involvement of the individual is to the group gives more affectiveness thus more influence of the actions of the group. For myself, I feel that when i am, for example, more involve in a group setting such as group work in class or class discussion, that I am able to react or retain the information from class more efficently than if i was to just hear a lecture or just weekly quizzes. This experiment can be proven true in probably every aspect of our lives whether with peers or among those with similar interest. What area in your life can you relate to this prank?

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