Saturday, March 27, 2010


The reading this week dealt with hormones and neurons that affect various parts of the brain. I looked up some of these affects and found a short, interesting article, or rather, a “hypothesis” regarding the idea that men. Apparently this is being referred to as “andropause.” Specifically, this is a condition largely caused by testosterone deficiency in men usually around the age of 40, which causes decreased libido, lack of energy, height loss, irritability, sadness and decreased strength. Although andropause has really only been deemed a hypothesis so far, some medicines have already been creates. For example, Androgel, a clear gel packed with testosterone that's rubbed onto areas of the body once a day, has already been approved by the FDA. 

While to me it seems perfectly logical that there may be a male equivalent of menopause, it could also just be another medical scam to try and get people, specifically men, to buy another product that promises to rejuvenate them. According to Ronald F. Levant EdD, "Aging is something our society doesn't deal well with. Men, in particular men who were reared to assume the traditional role of men, find it hard to admit vulnerability. Part of aging brings on vulnerability." It is true that our society doesn’t deal well with aging. Why on earth would people be spending thousands of dollars on boob jobs, face lifts, and botox if weren’t all scared of getting old. Could andropause just be another way of scaring us about aging, forcing us to buy into the media of anti-aging products? 

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