Saturday, March 27, 2010

IQ & Religion

Stumbling upon the website I found an article titled "Religion vs. IQ, Are Religious people stupid?" Now I for one have never heard of this accusation towards religious people, but I don't doubt it's never been asked. Why would anybody assume this? In the article is had said that people assume Religious people choose religion so they don't have to think; they simply just let religion "answer" all their questions. Perhaps people who aren't religions feel as though the religous don't exersize their brains engough, because they don't have a reason to question anything in life if they just dismiss all wonders to their faith. In doing so this could lead to less experience and openmindedness which could make somebody less intellegent? Let's see what the facts are..."Atheists have noted a negative correlation between the practice of religion and the intelligence quotient (IQ)." Of course being a pro-religious website, their facts were a little fuzzy. But I personally don't believe IQ has anything to do with what you believe in. This question could almost compare to asking "Am I less smart because I believe in cheese nips and not cheese its?"...maybe that was a little dramatic, I just think that having a strong religion doesn't mean you're any less smart, but maybe it means you don't exersize your curiosity as much as you could.

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