Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mind-Body-SPIRIT Connection

According to the article, NCCAM, known as The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine claims prayers to be mind-body interventions. In other words, mind and body are connected with each other and communication is through nervous and immune system. If the mind gets stressed than the body shows it's reactions and that's just how our brain functions. There are few positive things prayer can bring to the mind, prayers bring calm peace of mind that could impact good health and well being. Studies showed that relaxation by prayer lowers heart rates, blood pressure and breathing rates. Therefore, brings positive feelings and impact on healing.

We pray to God for many reasons. Thankfulness, confession, forgiveness, care, and etc... But many people, including myself, pray when they are asking for help. Some believe God is always there for us when we are in trouble and in need of help. I can imagine hospital patients who are being faced with major surgeries and needs recovery desperately seeks God for help in comfort. Several studies shows that prayer improved health and well being. I also found another article that many people use prayers for health concerns. Almost 70% of people believe that a prayer has been helpful for healing powers. In my case, I also pray whenever I have any troubles and when I am in search of help. Many believe that a prayer can bring forth hope, faith and positive influence on health outcomes. It can be a good idea to pray to better one's physical and mental health because the mind can control the body to get better when the mind is controlled to know that praying can help one's physical and mental health.

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