Saturday, March 6, 2010

Personality and Eating disorders

After reading some articles and getting info on personality relates to eating disorders, I can totally understand how bad it is emotionally and physically. I also know how dangerous it can be to mess up your eating habits, and many people don't realize it. Eating disorders occurs to people who are perfectionists, low-self esteem, depressed, moody, quiet, like to be alone and avoid get together with friends.
I can somewhat relate to these disorders but instead of trying to lose weight on purpose due to self esteem issues, it happened unexpectedly for me due to being a perfectionist. I always considered myself as a perfectionist when it came to school projects or any sort of art related projects because whenever I did them, I always wanted to make sure that my projects were perfected and never out of place, or at least that's what I liked to think so. Being such a perfectionist, I was so drawn into my projects that I didn't realize what time of day it was and when the last time I had my meal. I generally skipped many meals due to the focus I was drawn into my projects but never on purpose. I did not care at the time if I had all three of my meals, my only main concern were to make sure that these projects were perfected to my standards. However, I started to eat all kinds of junk foods like crazy whenever I was relieved that my projects were done and then went back to forgetting to eat when new ones came up. I didn't care at all about my body and eventually my body functions started to fail. After several months, my body could not intake food normally and come to find out that I messed up my whole digestive system. I suffered from pains and didn't have much of social time with friends and family because of the constant pains. It has taken years to recuperate but to this day, I still have a balanced diet that I am required to stay on.
Many people don't realize that eating disorders are unhealthy and that this could ruin their lives both mentally and physically. People don't appreciate the goodness that they already have and desire to be better than others which causes problems all around. For some like me, eating disorders happened but not because I wanted to purposely lose weight but because of not taking care of my body properly. However either way, it damages your body.

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