Monday, January 30, 2012

Websites about Psychology

Maintained by a man with a long background in counseling, psychology, marketing, sales, education, management and consulting. Specializing in persuasion he has degrees in psychology, management, education, marketing.

Based at the University of California, Berkeley. The website hosts hundred of articles, videos, and podcasts from leading researchers in the field.

A section branching off from BBC, informative and relatively easy to browse through.

Run by a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the public and promoting mental well-being. Provides not only information on the subject as well as contact numbers to various services around the country.

Run by a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of psychology and its representation around the world.

How Life Works is a general interest website containing articles that vary from business, careers, finance, etc. Even the website itself recommends readers to research any products discussed on the website.

When applying to be a writer for this website it asks for writers to be experts in the field however when you bring up the application all that it asks for is your contact information, a writing sample and a list of qualifications relevant to the subject at hand and perhaps places where the applicant has been published before. It does not ask for a full resume or references.
A website dedicated to providing brief information of certain terms in psychology from Stedman's Medical Dictionary but with little else to show for it.

A website dedicated to reprinting articles and encyclopedia entries rather than providing their own the layout of the website is pure chaos using three columns to separate both articles, a nav bar and advertisements.

The maintainer of the website has no degree nor have they done any research in the field. The site is entirely made up of her opinions on mental illnesses.

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