Monday, January 30, 2012

good/bad websites


Psychology today is a good website, because it offers a vast amount of information. There are many different topics to read about including personality problems, family life, personal growth, and mental health just to name a few. It not only offers general information about therese topics, it also provides articles from psychologists. Another good thing about this site, is that it is interactive and you can take multiple quizzes.

Like Psychology Today, APA offers a great amount of information. It is a very reliable source because they are a professional organization that represents psychology. They also have more than 154,000 members. It is very easy to navigate their website if you have any questions. It's also very useful that they have news articles, which allows anyone to be updated on recent psychology information.

Though only has seven topics on their main page (career, people and history, environment behavior, organizations, resources, theories, and underlying reductionistic machinery),  it is a good site because it leads people to other helpful psychology sites.

This provides very interesting psychology articles. They don't just have articles about new research and such, but interesting topics such as “Why People’s Names Are So Hard to Remember” and “Unusual Thinking Styles Increase Creativity

This is a good website, because it not only offers articles, quizzes, and information. It also has a variety of videos you can watch on psychology which is always nice if you get tired of reading endless articles.


This is a bad website because it promoting people to self diagnose instead of seeking professional help. It is true that when we are curious about a condition one may have their first instinct is to look up information on the web, but one can only research so much before asking a professional. They also have a section called “can you trust this information?” which is something a credible site shouldn’t have to include.

This site contains information on psychiatric medication. This is useful information to have, but the content seems unreliable.

This site contains very little information on general psychology and is mostly consisted of the essays by the creator of the site. The site doesn’t have very interesting topics, and the information is all very dry. At the bottom of the site there is also a link to donate money to the creators of the site, which seems a little untrustworthy.

This site is about the psychology of road rage. It contains statistics, articles, and facts about road rage. It is an interesting topic, but the site is very had to navigate and if you have specific questions, you're not sure where to search.

Instead of giving solid facts, the most of the information is in hypothetical situations. 

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