Monday, February 6, 2012

Good and Bad Websites (Part II)

Good Websites:
This website is a good source of valuable information for psychology. The site shares interviews, videos, and quotations from credible psychologists who have an educational background. Also, the website is very well organized and is funded by The Annenberg Foundation to share knowledge and increase learning in psychology.
This website shares child psychology and development information to assist parenting. There are many subtopics to read into, such as self-esteem building, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression, just to name a few. This site is good because it is based on being informative to the public, not to sell products. It is funded by the Child Development Institute to be a go-to site for parents to find psychological information pertaining to their child.
Credible articles are featured on this Evolutionary Psychology journal website that reference psychologists as a primary resource. Moreover, PDF files of evolutionary psychology articles are free to read. This website have a good collection of articles on this particular subject. While it does not explain other topics in psychology, it is a very good resource to learn more about evolutionary psychology.
This website is a good resource because it is very informative about developmental cognitive psychology and behavioral neuroscience. This site is the National Institute of Child Heath & Human Development and the '.gov' part of its link shows that it is a liable source. Articles backed by research also shows that this website is credible.
This website is the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts, which is a nonprofit organization. One of their mission statements is to provide public understanding of the profession of behavior analysts. While this website is promoting the organization, it is also informative to the public because their are many news posts about behavior analysts at the bottom of the home page. The full stories are derived from other credible websites to link to and learn more.

Bad Websites:
This website is very poorly designed and put together. Many click through links that I tried to get to were expired and did not work. This website is simply not credible.
The problem with this website is that it lacks information. It briefly explains psychology, school courses, and careers for psychologists. Overall, this is not a good website to find information to learn about psychology. I could not even find the "about us" link that most websites have so whoever is running the site is not revealing who they are. Therefore, since I do not know if the person running the site is knowledgable in psychology, I do not find this page to be credible.
This journal on psychological science lacks any kind of knowledge and information. Also, in order to read the articles on the website, you need to either pay to read it or pay to be a member of this site. There are plenty of other internet sources that are free and informative.
This is a bad website because anyone can comment about a question related to psychology so it is not run by people who have studied and are knowledgable in psychology. This page is more of a forum of the public asking and answering questions rather than having a professional educated person inform the public.
This is a website for behavioral alliance for psychologists and psychiatrists. It is a group page that does not share any educational information about psychology to the public who would want to learn about it. This site is primarily focused on the alliance itself.

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