Monday, February 6, 2012


Since I am most likely the last one to post I decided to get a little more specific than "psychology" and searched for sites that focused on different topics within the scope of psychology.

5 Good
This website offers a Briggs-Meyers that, though abridged, is a fairly accurate indicator of one's personality. It is similar to one given in my high school psych class.

The Stanford Prison Experiment is, perhaps, the most well-known psychological experiment. This website offers a slideshow that follows the experience from start to finish and its troubling effects.

This site's disclaimer is why I am listing it as a reliable source. It explicitly states that it is not meant to replace a licensed/trained professional when seeking help; it is only there to offer information on an "as-is" basis, meaning that it is a starting point should someone be thinking about going to a doctor or therapist. 
This site's focus is on Jean Piaget, a developmentalist who contributed such ideas as object permanence and representational thought to the study of cognitive development.
I only list this site as good because, though it is a .com and has adds on every page, it is a good starting point in research and provides links to online journals and websites as well as book recs.

5 Bad
Half the links on this website are either expired or under construction. Though the information about Freud and Jung may be available, it may not be the most trustworthy considering the problems with the other links., in general, is not a reliable source for anything, let alone psychology.

This site is okay for the most basic explanations of different phobias and some trivia, but not for any actual, reliable research.
As this is a blog, it's not the most trustworthy source of information, since the blogger's opinions can affect the integrity of the info presented.
This site is just an example of what pops up when searching "psychology" in Google: university course selections and departments. These sites are not very useful unless you're a student at a particular university and want to know more about the major or classes.

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