Monday, May 7, 2012


    I read an article that was discussing the consequences of undiagnosed bipolar disorder, and how many living with depression potentially are undiagnosed.
'Current Treatments among patients included antidepressants in 70 percent of those at risk for undiagnosed bipolar disorder vs. 67 percent of those not at risk, and antipsychotics in six percent of those at risk vs. two percent of those not at risk. The early and accurate diagnosis of bipolar disorder presenting with depressive symptoms should be of utmost concern to mental and public health officials. Failure to diagnose bipolar disorder accurately and early is a significant problem, contributing to significant morbidity, increasing the already high risk for suicide, and possible decreased the effectiveness of treatment once a correct diagnosis is made'

John C

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Pearly Craig said...

I just saddens me that fact that society had been lenient with the bipolar disease thinking that this is just a normal depression that come and go. Reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones and his revelations is just gripping.

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