Monday, January 14, 2013

Eric Chung's First Post

Hi all,

This is my first post/test to make sure that I got my account connected alright to general psychology. So if someone could just post a comment to let me know that everyone can read it would be good.

So I follow and watch a LOT of youtube videos and I enjoy a lot of thought provoking a intelligent ones, and I felt like I should share this one.

PBS Idea Channel

It provides information in a fun way and I thought people would enjoy it.

I'm just going to post the a video that I commented on a little while ago about space travel and how it could effect you.

Will Space Travel Save Us All?

...and my comment was
"Is it possible to think that astronauts in themselves are a select group of people that were chosen to be insightful, deep, and sensitive to these kind of feelings and emotions that they would have felt over-view effect because they were already programmed to be awesome people anyway?
Is it possible that a jerk can go into space and would think nothing of it or take it in a negative way?"

So let me know what you guys think too.

Eric Chung

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