Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Color of Your Cup Might Influence Drink's Taste-Sang Yoon Lee

This article about color may influence the one's taste was really interesting as student who study design. The article is about color of the cup often influence the drink's taste. The author Piqueras-Fiszman and her colleague Charles Spence from the University of Oxford, England, did survey on 57 people about hot chocolate in four differents cups of color: red, orange, white and cream. People get to take sips of each. Participants answer that hot chocolate in the cream cup was more sweet. According to studies, "The findings could shed light on how the brain integrates visual information from food as well as the container in which it is served." and "they suggested that the study may also influence chefs, caterers and other professionals in the food-packaging industry to consider how they present food to consumers." We as artist and designer should know how color can be influenced in our work. I really enjoy reading this article because it inspires me to study how color works in my field, industrial design. Not only the form but also color pleasesing customers. But when I finish reading this article, I end up with question that people who thinks hot chocolate in cream cup sweeter becuase it has color of cream? or Is brain works differently when they response to color?
Sang Yoon Lee  

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