Monday, February 11, 2013

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 touches on the cultural influences on personality which I thought was very interesting. Culture is defined by the shared set of values and beliefs of people in a community or society. It is made up of rules that guide our actions and shapes our beliefs. Someones environment and experiences is half of what makes up their personality and the biggest environmental influence is ones peers. Psychologist have separated culture into two groups. Individualist cultures emphasize independence, goals, leadership and are more about the individuals needs. Whereas collective cultures  are defined by whats best for the group, duty and obligation. In one study kids from collective cultures were more altruistic because of their concern for everyones well being. Male aggression also comes from his surrounding and responsibilities not his hormones. Such as men from cultures of honor who would fight to defend their honor above all else.

There is concern about defining different cultures without stereotyping. I do believe culture is a big influence on personality. Being a first generation American I see how my personal beliefs differ from those of people from my country. We value different things and therefore act or behave in different way. Of course, there are many basic needs that all cultures share, but its the way we approach these needs that define us. 

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