Monday, February 11, 2013

Autism - Cirlces of Relationships

I think this article is interesting and intrigues me because although we think of autism as a disability and sometimes extreme or severe, we don't think about the strain it puts on people their close with. While reading the article I found it interesting to think about the four circles of relationships. The article says that people with autism tend to group everyone they know in Circle of Intimacy and the Circle of Exchange. This makes it hard for the people they're close with because it limits their ability to venture off and maybe meet new people. They solely rely on the people put in these groups because it may be a trust or comfort aspect. The four cirlces are explained further in the article, but it's interesting to realize that an average person with no disabilities, doesn't even think twice about who they have or the amount of people they group in together in each group. I know for me, it's more of a subconcious issue, and until I stop and think about the people I associate with, it is then that I realize who I divide my social and person groupings.

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