Monday, February 11, 2013

Keep Busy, Keep Happy

I am the person who have tight schedules everyday. I have to go to class as other students does, go to studio, have group meeting, do projects, and work out. Additionally, I try to eat right healthy foods for my work out. All these kind of things make me keep moving and thinking. But there was the day I get cold so I had to stay in my room all day. Staying in my room without doing nothing but laying on the bed was horrible to me. It sounds akward but it makes me boring and feel weak. Here is article, Keep Busy, Keep Happy. It is about people become happy when they are moving or busy according to research from the University of Chicago and Shanghai Jiaotong University published in Psychological Science. They experimented about this. Volunteers get to survey about something and have to wait for 15mins until next survey is ready. They get to have two choices. The first choice is that they can drop their paper place where nearby or place further. Most of them choose to go to further one. "They conclude that using the principle that people like being busy and being able to justify it could have wider application."
After reading this, I realize that my tight schedules actually keeping me happy.

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