Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adapting to Cultural Psychology

Lev Vygostky developed a theory in psychology called Cultural-historical psychology. His theory summarized is people living in different cultures will have different ways of thinking.

This week I read to articles about Culture in psychology. One thing these articles had in common were they both commented on how detrimental it could be to not realize and react to differences in culture.

The first article talked about how in the past, psychological treatments were based off of dominant cultures, meaning the treatment didn't work well for minorities. This kept minorities from seeking treatment because the treatment would in some cases make matters worse.

The second article was talking about differences in cultures when it came to education. The author stated that if the parents and teachers didn't try to teach children about different cultures, and consider the different cultures in daily life, it could lead to racism within the child.

Both articles concluded that now that we are aware of cultural psychology, psychologists, teachers and parents are all tolerant of these differences in cultures, and there are treatments aimed towards these minority groups to make sure they get equal treatment.

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