Sunday, March 3, 2013

Music and Development

Hi all,

I read up on Lev Vygotsky wiki page. From what I understood was that he studied and talked about child development, so I wrote about that.

I found this article on how music influences child development. It's been shown that music lessons have been connected to a whole assortment of beneficial attributes such as help develop internal strengths in children, like initiative, creativity, resiliency, and a belief in self. It was also linked to help students with reading and math.

I've always heard this topic to be a thing, but I was thinking about it now and was considering an alternative. To play "devil's advocate" I ask, is it possible that maybe it's just that kids that stick to music for their lives were already determined to have initiative, creativity, etc. Is it possible that the use of music is just a determining factor, not an influence?

I don't particularly believe that this is to be the case, but I think it's interesting to think about.

Eric Chung

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